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Winnipeg: Gateway to the West

Winnipeg has a strong and diversified economy built on 10 key industry sectors which provide consistency, predictability and control for businesses. From low business costs to a skilled and hard-working workforce, Winnipeg offers businesses, and its residents, a supportive and affordable business community, right in the heart of North America.

The City of Winnipeg contains seven distinct retail nodes. The Grant Park retail node is centrally located in the City, offering great access from all directions and contains Winnipeg’s most affluent customers. The retail node trade area has the highest average household income in the city and is 24% higher than the Manitoba average.

Winnipeg, In the Heart of North America

Why Winnipeg?

  • 2022 Manitoba retail sales increased by 11% over the previous year (as of Oct. 2022)
  • 6th largest city in Canada with a population of over 866,000
  • The City’s median age is 38.6
  • The average household income in Winnipeg is $106,164
  • Winnipeg has some of the lowest business costs in Western Canada and Midwestern and Pacific U.S. (5.2% lower than the average cost of running a business in the U.S.)
  • Labour costs are the lowest among Canada’s 12 largest cities. Winnipeg’s workforce is younger than the national average and speaks over 100 languages
  • Located in the geographic centre of North America, Winnipeg is home to Centreport Canada, the largest inland port in North America and the only trimodal inland port in Canada
  • Site Selection magazine named Winnipeg as one of the top 20 cities in Canada in which to invest
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